East Cobb Church is . . .

Officially the newest campus of North Point Ministries!

Official Announcement Video
east cobb announcement video
A brief message from our pastor, Jamey.
jamey video
What changed about our church when we became a campus?

When it comes to your experience, very little. A lot, however, has changed behind the scenes since October 1 as our staff, finances, and governance was merged into North Point Ministries. Through time, you will notice us being able to go further faster on all fronts: staffing, budgets, facilities, etc. However, our mission and our commitment to being a local church that loves where we live will never change.

Will my giving still impact our efforts in East Cobb?

Absolutely! While North Point Ministries is committed to ensuring that we always have the level of funding and staffing required to create a great church, the level of generosity and volunteerism at East Cobb Church will continue to determine the quality of our services and the size of our impact in the community. The more “all-in” we are, the more we will be able to accomplish and the faster we will be able to accomplish it. Our resources have increased incrementally, but our opportunities have increased exponentially. Together, we have a chance to create a church that people are still talking about generations from now!

How do I transfer my family or my finances to East Cobb Church?

To transfer your family, contact us, and we’ll get them plugged in. To transfer your giving, visit our Give page, and make the necessary changes in Pushpay following the simple steps provided.

Are we going to have our own building?

One day, yes. We are in the process of acquiring land and starting our plans for how our building should look and feel. Those details are forthcoming.

Will we need a capital campaign for our building?

We will. Because of your incredible generosity, we have a healthy level of capital, but it’s just a start. A project of this scope is going to take a lot of generosity and sacrifice. But that’s okay; significant investments in the next generation always do. We’ll let you know when it’s time, but please join our staff and volunteer leaders in planning for what God is going to do!