Dreaming of Home

Preparing for the future home of East Cobb Church

dreaming of home

To build our new home, it’s going to take all of us.

We’re working together to raise $4 million. We’re inviting everyone to participate in whatever way they feel led. Every dollar counts!

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Here are two ways you can participate.

If you’re ready to join in, you can make a pledge below indicating how much you plan to give in the next two years. This helps us plan ahead.

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If you're fulfilling a pledge or want to make a one-time contribution, you can give right now.

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How much will the project cost?

The cost of the building is still being determined. We’re under contract to purchase the land for roughly $8 million. This cost will be offset by selling approximately half the land to a residential developer (the plan for which we just received approval). We also plan to sell the parcels on Johnson Ferry at a future date.

How much money is East Cobb Church contributing to the project?

East Cobb Church is contributing $4 million. This amount reflects what our approximate net cost of purchasing the land will be. Becoming a part of North Point Ministries means that we have an entire family of churches supporting us. They will pay for the building and have asked us to cover the cost of the land. This is the goal of our capital campaign.

Who is being asked to participate in the capital campaign?

Anyone who wants to invest in our mission to love where we live! Everyone is invited to be part of our church family and to participate in building our new home. We are hoping for 100 percent participation from the families who call ECC their church home. It’s going to take all of us to get to the finish line.

How is the capital campaign progressing?

Really well! We already had $1 million in the bank, and we’ve added almost $2 million in gifts and pledges. We still have more to go, and it’s exciting to see more people joining in every month.

How can we join in with the fundraising campaign?
I already give to ECC; will my gift to the campaign replace my weekly giving?

Thank you very much for your financial support of ECC! Your generosity provides for our normal, ongoing expenses and community outreach. We hope your support will continue at its current level and that you would also consider contributing a gift to our Dreaming of Home campaign.

I want to contribute to the campaign. How much should I give?

Any size gift will make a difference in our campaign, and any gift given from the heart greatly pleases God (Luke 21:104). Your decision is between you and God, but here is a way to think about your decision... We suggest prayerfully answering these questions:

  1. What can I reasonably give?

  2. What can I reprioritize so I’m able to give beyond that?

  3. What does God want me to pledge in faith of his future provision?

Why are you asking for a pledge vs. one-time gifts?

Commitments are typically easier to make if we know we can do it over time. Pledges allow individuals and families to plan further ahead and consider larger gifts. Receiving pledges will also help us more accurately track our progress toward the goal.

What happens if we raise more money than our goal?

That would be amazing! All funds beyond our goal will be applied directly to the cost of the building. The more we raise, the more we’ll have available to build the best building we possibly can!

Can I be flexible with my pledge payments?

Of course! The timing of your payments over the campaign timeline (ending December 2023) is up to you. Some situations may prevent a person from honoring their full pledge, while other events may allow a person to increase their pledge.

Is my campaign gift tax-deductible?

Gifts to the campaign are tax-deductible. If you have a specific question about this, please contact your financial advisor.

Are there alternative options for giving?

You may consider giving financial gifts such as securities, stocks and bonds, or a donation from an IRA. Please contact us and your financial advisor to help manage your donation.

Will you be upset if I cannot fulfill my pledge?

No, not at all. Your pledge is simply an exercise of faith for you and a planning tool for us. Of course we hope that we can all follow through on what we’ve decided to do. However, none of us can predict the future. Should your financial priorities or situation change over time, there will be no hard feelings or guilt. God intends giving to his kingdom to be a joyful exercise.

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