Financial Mentoring

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Most people feel stressed managing their money. We have mentors and a self-guided curriculum that can help you build a plan for a better financial future.

With a Mentor
Get connected with a mentor for a one-hour meeting to develop a plan on how to achieve a savings or debt goal. After that, you’ll have the option to continue meeting with your mentor or work on implementing your goal on your own. If you’d like to continue, your mentor will be there to help you establish habits that lead to the goal and measure your progress. After you sign up below, you’ll be asked to complete an initial budget. After that, you’ll be matched with a mentor!

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On Your Own
Not interested in working with a mentor? We get it. Money can be awkward to talk about with others. You can go through the same mentoring content with a guided email series. If you’re interested, sign up below to receive the emails and the link to the curriculum.

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"We both brought debt into our marriage and struggled to pay it off."

"MoneyWise helped us get the knowledge we needed, the tools to stay on track, and the options that fit our unique circumstances. In only 11 months, we paid off $22,000 in debt. We are now debt-free and have the margin to give generously."

Not sure where to start?

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