Waumba Land

An environment designed with children ages six weeks—pre-K in mind.

Learning with Preschoolers Should Always Be FUN!

Preschool (Infant–Pre-K)

Parenting is an adventure! You want to get it right. We love helping parents raise great kids!

We have a plan to help every child discover God, no matter their age!

Your child will learn: God MADE me, God LOVES me, and Jesus wants to be my FRIEND forever.

There are now two ways to connect with us on Sundays. 

Waumba Land in the Building

Waumba Land Online

You never want to miss a Sunday around Waumba Land! Infants—preschool-aged children can join us for games, music, a Bible story, and small group activities.

Masks will be required for adults, temperature checks will be done at the door, and we will be social distancing by classroom.

Please tell us you’re coming so we can create a safe and comfortable environment for your children.

Tell Us you're coming

For more information, read our FAQ.

We’ll miss seeing your smiling faces, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss Waumba Land! Join Waumba Land Online right here every week to experience fun, music, games, and helpful parenting resources.

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Waumba Online Sunday content

Sunday Feature, February 21

We know preschoolers love to help. It makes them feel like big kids! Watch this video with your child to learn that helping others is a great way to show Jesus’s love! 

Practice this month’s Bible verse.

This Month's Parent Resources


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Waumba Land message from the playhouse

Sunday Feature, February 14

Today we’re talking about love. Watch this video with your preschooler to discover that Jesus loves us no matter what! 

Practice this month’s Bible verse.

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Image of Waumba Land teacher with sheep

Sunday Feature, February 7

Ask a preschooler who loves them and they’ll make a long list of family, friends, and maybe a few stuffed animals. Watch this video together to discover that Jesus loves them too! 

Practice this month’s Bible verse.

Watch with your family!

Sunday Feature, January 31

Jesus is the best helper in the whole wide world—why wouldn’t we want our kids to learn from the best? Watch this video with your preschooler to hear a true story about Jesus, who did something amazing to help an entire crowd of people. 

Practice this month’s Bible verse.

Other Environments for Kids and Students

What extra precautions will you be taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?
  • Masks required for all adults as well as all UpStreet kids
  • Social distancing (kids and students in a group together would not be socially distanced, but whole groups would be six feet apart)
  • Temperature checks for anyone in the building
  • Limits on bathroom usage to accommodate social distancing
  • Additional cleaning measures between events, hand sanitizer stations
  • If someone is sick while there, they are removed from the group and parents are called to pick up.
  • Curriculum in groups has been adapted with the goal of limiting shared supplies (g., individual crayons, spaced seating within small groups). Sanitizing will be encouraged between activities.
What if someone finds out they have COVID-19 after they attend?

Contact tracing will be done by small group, and each parent will be notified ASAP if their child was exposed.