Summer Experience

Take a break. Be restored.

Begin Restoration Today

Imagine this scene from an old, American Western: A tumbleweed rolls past an abandoned outpost against a landscape that is all one color. The only sound you hear is the wind sweeping across a dry and dusty ground. There is not a soul in sight.

The imagery in Ezekiel 37 is just as stark: A valley surface, as far as one can see, is covered with dry bones. But there is no sound of wind, only stillness. An unsettling stillness.

Would you characterize your relationship with God right now as a bit dry (or really dry)? Has it been weeks, months, or years since you have felt movement or heard anything from him?

Ezekiel was chosen by God to be a prophet to the nation of Israel at a time when his people were far from home and far from him. Their rebellion, grief, confusion, and apathy had broken their connection and relationship with their heavenly Father—and the situation looked bleak.

God had spoken repeatedly to Ezekiel about his people, but the vision of the valley of dry bones brought their condition to light: They were lifeless people in need of life and restoration. God asked Ezekiel, “Can these bones live?” He replied, “Lord God, only you know.”

The purpose of this plan is to reconnect you with your heavenly Father and, through that connection, restore you to a full life with him. This plan is not filled with a series of to-dos, but a number of invitations to encounter God in everyday life. Use this plan three times a week to explore what it looks like to establish rhythms and practices to step into a growing relationship with God.