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Current Series: Relationship Goals

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Will Shoemaker and Erin Mashaw

Relationships are everywhere! With relationship statuses changing so quickly for our students—moving from classmates to friends to crushes—we know this subject is too important to avoid. Talking about love, sex, and dating might be awkward, but there’s no better time than now to set Relationship Goals.

For three Sundays, we'll take a look at what God’s plan is for relationships and sex.

Students will learn…

  • God wants what’s best for you. God created sex and, therefore, knows what’s best regarding sex.
  • We shouldn’t sexualize any relationship during middle school. In this season, we should focus on being a great friend and learning how to value others.
  • Things done in secret have the potential to master us. But, inviting others in to help leads to freedom.

As their parent or guardian, you are still the biggest influence in your student’s life. You may be finding as your student gets older that these conversations are getting more and more challenging. We want to help! We filmed the message videos ahead of time so you can preview what your student will hear and be prepared to continue the conversation with them.

Preview Messages

March 10 • Watch Now
Relationship Goals - Week 1 Samer Massad
March 17 • Watch Now
Relationship Goals - Week 2
March 24 • Watch Now
Relationship Goals - Week 3