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The ThankFULL Box 

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to talk to our kids about being thankful. So, we’re mailing you this ThankFULL box!

Keep it on your dinner table as a way to count all the good things God has given you. By Thanksgiving, we bet it will be FULL of thanks.

  1. Put the “We Are ThankFULL” box together and place it on your dinner table. 
  2. Cut out the thankful cards and stack them next to the box. 
  3. Anytime your family gathers at the table, have everybody take a card and draw or write one thing they are thankful for (e.g., my house, my family, mac ’n cheese).
  4. Take turns sharing your cards, then put them in the box until Thanksgiving.

    *NOTE: These cards are just to get you started. If you run out, feel free to make your own!

On (or around!) Thanksgiving, take all the cards out of the box and look through them together. Talk about how each good thing we have is a gift from God, who loves us forever no matter what, and how we always want to be a family that is FULL of thanks!

Pray As a Family 
God, Thank you for all the good things you’ve given us and for loving us so much. We love you, Amen.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” (1 Chronicles 16:34)

If you didn’t get a ThankFULL box you can use any box or jar you have and print your own cards. If you live in the Atlanta area and didn’t get one, update your mailing information so you don’t miss December’s mailer!

Verse of the Month Screen Savers

Make this month’s verse the wallpaper on your kid’s device!   

Anytime they open their screen, they’ll be reminded to thank God for always loving and being good to them. 

For Phones

For Tablets

For Computers