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Waumba's Super Friends poster

Help Your Child Learn To Be a Good Friend!

Get a Super Friends Poster.

This month, we’re giving your child a Super Friends Poster to remind them that God is one of our good friends. In fact, he is a SUPER friend! And we can be Super Friends too.

  1. Allow your child to decorate their poster with crayons and stickers.
  2. When they are finished, help them hang it somewhere they will see it often.
  3. Every time they see their poster, encourage your child to remember that God is a good friend and they can be a good friend too!

Get yours in person on August 1 in Waumba Land or download and print at home!

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Waumba Land's Block Party graphic

Block Party!

Jump into a New Year!

Help your preschooler start the year off right with awesome friends and amazing leaders at the Waumba Land Block Party!

Starting Sunday, August 8, Waumba Land is throwing a huge, monthlong block party, and everyone will walk away with fun prizes just for being there. Each Sunday we’ll offer a new prize, and your child can collect them all.

And each week your child attends, you’ll be entered into a raffle drawing to win a Bounce House for your family. The winner will be chosen on Sunday, August 29.

Jump into a new year with a SUPER-sized celebration all month long.

Wear Your Super Friends Cape!

Show the Community You’re a Super Friend!

This summer, we’re giving your preschooler a Super Friends cape as we learn about how God is a super good friend. Encourage your child to wear their cape and find ways to be a super friend too! They can wear it on a walk and pick up trash, wear it to the store and hold the door open for someone, or make a card or some cookies for a friend who’s sad. Encourage them to be a super friend in whatever they do and show God’s love to everyone!

Tag us on Instagram so we can see all the ways your child is being a SUPER friend!

Watch with your family!
Waumba Online Sunday content

Super Friends

It's going to be a SUPER summer!

Get ready for something SUPER! It’s summer in Waumba Land and that means F-U-N! We have lots of great surprises up our sleeves and we can’t wait for your family to join us!