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Episode 43: The Importance of Open Communication with Your Older Child

As your kids grow older, it becomes challenging to get more than a one-word answer. “How was your day?” Fine. “How’s was your math test?” Okay. “What did you do at your friend’s house?” Nothing.

In this episode we interview board-certified therapist Chinwe Williams about the importance of open communication with your older kids. We talk about the power of being heard, how to get your child to open up, creating safe and consistent places to talk, and what to do when you’re concerned about your kids.

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Episode 41: Kids Ask Tough Questions!

Sometimes our kids ask us tough questions, like "Who made God?” Or, “Is my dog going to heaven?”

Your kids are going to have faith-oriented questions, and, as they grow, some of those questions will become tougher. We want you to know that you don’t have to have all the answers. In fact, it’s healthy for your child to ask questions and explore for themselves what they know and what they are learning about God.

In this episode, we interview one of our favorite dads, Louie Lovoy. He will give you some great insights on how to help your child explore faith and find the answers they need.

Episode 39: The Power of Intentional Time with Your Kids

Parenting can be challenging! But isn’t it great to get advice from someone who is further down the road?

In this podcast episode, we ask Andy Stanley, senior pastor of North Point Community Church, a wide range of parenting questions. As the dad of three grown kids, he has wisdom and insight on what worked for their family and a few lessons they learned along the way. We’ll talk about communication strategies,  discipline, and the power of intentional time with your kids.

In this episode, we talk about the End the Night Right tool that will be sent to all our Atlanta-area families. The tool helps you have meaningful conversations with your kids.

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The Power of Intentional Time with Your Kids  podcast with Andy Stanley